Process Post #9: Monetization

We had a guest speaker come in this week: Trevor, a publication professor at SFU! My first impression is that he seems like a really cool guy haha.

Anyways, we discussed ways we could make money by simply monetizing our content. When I thought about this, I wondered if I could potentially sell some of my graphics for people to use or create prints! I was also wondering if I could get Skillshare or Master Class to sponsor me by having me take an animation class and showing my audience what I was able to learn (I sound crazy for thinking of getting sponsored but maybe in the far future it can happen!). In order to achieve any of this I need to build a larger audience, typically social media is an easy gateway to gain traction but I’m not quite ready to upload my art on social media platforms. I want to establish a certain style I’m confident with because currently, most of my art is inspired/similar to artists I follow on Pinterest. 

I think Trevor even got me into thinking of turning my website into a shop where I sell stickers and prints of my work! That would be pretty sick!

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