Process Post #6: Website Update!

Plugins and Applications

So far web design has been quite difficult for me, I’ve run into a lot of issues regarding my menu functions. Since I’m using WordPress and Elementor to edit my website, I have to go back and forth between each editor to make specific changes, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of which aspects of my website are built from Elementor or WordPress. My biggest regret is definitely making my menu on Elementor except for my PUB 101 menu which was made on WordPress because none of them are functioning except my PUB 101 menu! 

Other than my menus, I’ve been playing around with Figma, an interface design tool and in other words, it’s a dumbed-down version of PhotoShop (which is perfect for me). I used it to create my art meme and marvel character guest post comic! I highly recommend using Figma especially for those interested in digital design. It’s also a great application to design logos, posters, and layering images (this is what I use Figma for, but it definitely does more than what I mentioned). 

Currently, my gallery has been digital art heavy. My brother lent me his iPad so I’ve been playing around with ProCreate and not gonna lie, drawing on a touchscreen was super weird at first because it just feels like there’s a constant space between the pen and paper. One thing I like about using a tablet to draw is that I can erase my mistakes and it won’t leave any marks compared to traditional pen and paper. However, it can also be pretty bad because I sometimes catch myself redrawing the same stroke until it’s “perfect”.

I’m slowly got the hang of it using ProCreate, I’ve been trying out a lot of different styles: abstract, line, anime, and comic art. So far, all the aforementioned styles have been a really fun challenge, especially on a digital tablet. My personal favourite is my Marvel Character Guest Post, it felt so good to have so much creative control and illustrate my guest post rather than having them write a blog post. The goal of this website is for me to post my journey of discovering different styles of art and I’m slowly starting to see progress.

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