Process Post #5: My Last Hour On The Internet

 feel like I would spend most of my time overthinking how I can maximize my productivity during the final hour on the internet rather than actually doing something. Sounds counterintuitive but knowing me, I  definitely end up making last-minute announcements about how I’m going to disappear from the internet. But in the case that I don’t freak out, I would download as much music as I can because I am not going to buy myself a CD. I’d also print out all my social media accounts so I can look back at the ridiculous posts I put online. However, I really can’t imagine myself keeping it together without the internet, there’s just so much content online.

I am definitely a victim of being sucked into the social media rabbit hole. It’s so easy to be entertained by an endless scroll of nature photos, cute dog videos and an epic compilation of epic skateboarding fails. I cannot imagine myself disconnecting from the internet for the rest of my life. The internet makes it so convenient to talk to friends, reach people on the other side of the globe, and find answers to questions like, “what is the Krabby patty formula?”. I hate to admit but I am what old people call the stereotypical Gen Z who finds TikTok the most revolutionary form of entertainment (I’m not trying to imply that this is a negative stereotype, but a lot of old-timers would look at me as a disappointment since I’m so glued to my phone). Anyways, social media has definitely robbed my attention, and reading “How I got my Attention Back” makes me want to take more initiative in limiting my screen time. Slowly limiting when I can go on my phone, like turning it off when I go to bed, putting it away when I need to study, and keeping my phone in my pocket when I’m around friends will help me be more present. Having a healthy balance of being active online and offline would definitely help me manage my time and be more conscious of what I should focus on at the moment.

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