Process Post #2: Website Updates!

Technologically Challenged

This week I downloaded the plugin Astra and Elementor to help me edit my website.  Not gonna lie, but I spent 2 hours watching tutorials about the editing functions on WordPress and Elementor. I think what I realized thus far is how much I suck at using computer stuff. I’m so bad at using technology that I just called it computer stuff…

Anyways, I’m trying to follow the aesthetic of my Vision Board but I’m not familiar enough with the functions to help me get there. I want to make it look like a Pinterest layout but that in itself sounds complicated as heck. Maybe I should just screenshot my pins and upload it 😛

Regarding the layout, it’s still difficult to navigate my site because I have no drop-down menus to take the visitor to certain parts of my website. So far, I have renamed all my main menus and uploaded the “Interactions with a Stranger” assignment. I tried uploading some of my art but it comes out super pixelated, so I’m probably going to spend next week figuring out how to not damage the quality when I upload a photo I took onto my website. 

I’m not the most technical person so figuring out how to create a website is a huge challenge for me. Hopefully next week my process post won’t be about me complaining about how bad I am with tech. 

Links I used to help with build my website:


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