Process Post #11: The Comment Section

During class we talked about having a space for comments. This led to us talking about how comment sections can be a place of good and bad: where people can share ideas and rave about a common interest or it can turn into a toxic debate about which politician is better. 

As a lurker, I never saw the appeal in making a comment on a post unless it is a post or video from a friend. The reason being is that once I say something, it’ll always be there. As much anonymity I can have, I find some discomfort with responding to someone’s content on their platform. It’s hard to sense sarcasm and tone through texts and I definitely don’t want to run into a situation where I say something and it gets blown out of proportion. 

Comment sections don’t feel like a very safe space in my opinion, there’s no filter especially on Youtube, Twitter and Reddit and some comments I’ve seen get really dark. Most of the darker situations happen when you’re a celebrity. People dig up old tweets from the past to ruin a person’s career. There’s a difficult line to draw whether or not the person should be canceled or forgiven for their mistakes. Yet, people continue to speak their minds knowing these things can happen.

There are risks to putting yourself online and it requires some level of vulnerability, as for my blog, I am open to any comments. For one people would only be judging me based on what they perceive. I don’t want to limit my audience from critiquing or commenting on my posts, most of the time people are supportive. Every time and then there will be a negative Nancy but I think I can handle a couple of Nancys.

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