Process Post #10: Respect to Animators

I just finished my remix video and I chose to animate a TikTok dance video I really like!

My first mistake was thinking I could get a 15-second video done in a week with almost zero experience of animating. 

Spoiler: I barely made it 5 seconds long. 

It took 72 frames to make 5 seconds. I definitely think there’s a more efficient way to draw the frames but as a noob, I drew 72 separate images in 4 days. The amount of pain that was is unexplainable and I don’t think I’ll ever do it again. 

Looking back at old school animation, it must have taken eons and lots of dedication to finish a single scene… 

I’m pretty happy with the content I’m creating right now, so far I’ve been exploring so many art styles and it’s been a really fun challenge. Sometimes I find it really frustrating because before I upload my final draft, there have been at least 3 drafts created before I post. I think doing digital art allows for a lot of mistakes or the option to undo as much as I want, whereas if it was on paper, there’s only so much I can erase before the paper tears. 

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