Peer Review #3: Here to Cook

Here to Cook

Today I’ll be reviewing Here to Cook by Charles Do!

My first impression of the site was how aesthetic it is! Definitely gives a very peaceful and relaxing vibe. Immediately, I am welcomed with a scrumptious modern dessert (correct me if I’m wrong!) which definitely got me craving sweets.

The layout of the website is clean, simple and easy to navigate. The menus clearly state what category they cover, the order is sensible, starting from Home, About Me, Videos and then Posiel. If I wanted to see his cooking videos, I would immediately know where to go. When I visited the first time, I already knew where to go to find what I wanted to see. On the About Me page, Charles attached his social media handles but they are quite small and not easy to notice. Perhaps putting them on the Home page or adding them at the end of his videos will give more access to his viewers to increase his following on other platforms. 

The themes are consistent and the photos of the food are super high quality. Furthermore, every photo and post is very thought out and related to the purpose of the site. As for the fonts, Charles keeps the same fonts for every post and I cannot seem to spot any significant inconsistencies! The only fonts that vary are the titles on the images for the videos but it may be an artistic choice and it does not take anything away from his current theme. Moreover, Charles keeps all his recent posts on the home page which allows the viewer to easily access new content.

As a viewer, I would definitely love to see a recipe at the bottom of the video posts so I can make the food myself. However, I can understand that the purpose of the blog is to simply share calm cooking videos!

Some ways Here to Cook can monetize their content is to display ads in their videos or partner with a food company and use their ingredients to create a dish. The latter might require a larger following, but based on the high-quality content Charles provides, he can definitely get there! 

Here to cook can also create a subscription where viewers can access more complex recipes when their following grows. 

I noticed that Charles has taken the initiative to monetize his content already by creating a YouTube channel. A great way to get more people to view his content is promoting on his personal Instagram, creating an Instagram for Here to Cook, or maybe even getting TikTok! TikTok videos can easily become trendy and he can definitely transfer his content on there! As an avid TikTok lurker, I would definitely subscribe to high-quality ASMR short-form content! 

In all of Charles’s cooking videos, he includes a little blurb about his experience cooking the dish, he’s very reflective and is always looking to grow! This definitely creates a personal relationship from content creator to viewer. 

Overall, Charles is updated with his content and Here to Cook looks like a fantastic website! 

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