Peer Review #2: Musings of a Middle Child

Musings of a Middle Child.

Today I will be reviewing Kayla Marie’s website, Musings of a Middle Child.

Hello Kayla! When I visited your website, the first thing I noticed was your logo, which is a lovely animated book with pages continuously flipping by the magic of the wand. Just based on the logo itself, I am able to tell that your website is about book reviews. 

I really like the theme of your website. I’m not 100% sure about how to describe it (correct me if I’m wrong) but the green forest background, magical logo, and green themed images for each of your posts does give off an ethereal and fairy-like ambience. I think the theme is great for a book review blog because I do associate reading like entering into a different world while I’m huddled in a room. As I go through your menus, it definitely feels like I’m scrolling through a fantasy!

I love the use of the white space, everything is centered nicely so there’s nothing placed awkwardly. The menus are ordered in a way that makes sense, About, Reviews, PUB 101, and then Contact. Furthermore, it’s really easy to navigate your website, I am able to find information I need as there is a search bar. I like that you attached your GoodReads on your side bar for your audience to access. 

So far, I haven’t noticed anything out of place, the website layout is easy and simple which I appreciate a lot  because there’s nothing distracting or confusing that makes me want to click away. One thing I would change, however it is personal preference is having a home menu but I know that the title “Musings of a Middle Child” acts as the home button but as a viewer I don’t instinctively think to click the title to go back to the homepage. However, the underline that appears when I hover over the title is a great indicator that it is a button! 

Since the title and tagline appears in your logo, I do find it repetitive to have it appear again below with a different font. That is the only “inconsistency” I noticed, but it’s only minor and also a personal preference. I think if you just had the logo itself and then a home menu button with the other menus would make the main page cleaner. Other than that, no real complaints!

Some details I like are the swirly titles you make for each post, I think it shows that you put a lot of effort in maintaining your aesthetic for your website, it adds a really nice make-belief vibe. You have a contact page which makes it very easy for people to reach out to you. I love the sidebar, it allows the reader to know what you’re up to, like your 2020 Reading Challenge! I also noticed that the black topbar acts as an update for your viewers which I like, it definitely got me to click what your latest post was.

Overall, I think your website design is awesome! I know this review is supposed to be design focussed but another thing I like about your blog is how you portray yourself online, you seem like a really fun person and I enjoyed reading your posts, especially your “Who am I? Book Tag”!  

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