Peer Review #1: the Power of Painting

The Power of Painting

The Power of Painting is an art blog created by Carissa Tavares-Kwok, a 4th year Communications major and Digital print and Publishing Minor at Simon Fraser University.

When I visit Carissa’s site, I am welcomed with simplistic drawings of paint tools and a huge title that says “the Power of Painting”, which immediately tells me what her blog is all about: painting. The muted pastel colours of the background and the tagline, “Paint, Relax, Enjoy” gives me a sense that this blog is used to express art as a creative and therapeutic outlet for Carissa. The font also furthers the sense of playfulness and I love how when I hover over the title, it turns pink! The detail is so cute and makes her website more interactive. It would be cool if the title also served as a button and sent me to the About part of her blog or her Gallery.  

When I make my way down the main page, I see a menu bar that sections off her blog which makes navigating the website very user friendly. I love the dropdown menus for her blog posts and PUB 101 assignments since it makes it easier for me to find specific parts of her website. If I scroll down further, all her new posts are uploaded which lets me see what Carissa has recently been up to. This lets me know how active she is and so far, she has been very consistent and up to date!

When I clicked “About”, Carissa welcomed her readers with enthusiasm which gives me the impression that she’s a pretty outgoing and chill person. This section defines everything her blog is about and how she developed her new hobby for art. Although art is relatively new to her, the way she expresses her passion for art entices me to want to follow her journey. 

I can really hear Carissa’s voice through her blog post, her writing is casual and attention grabbing. In Carissa’s “Tips & Tricks” section, she starts her post with the question: “Are you into/ getting into painting but running out of ideas?” this is super relatable for me because I struggle with artist’s block quite often. Carissa is able to relate to her audience which is a great way to build the relationship between the blogger and reader.  

Next, I visited Carissa’s Gallery and my gosh her art is amazing! I was welcomed with tons of colourful and abstract art pieces. My personal favourite is this rainbow camouflage/puzzle piece painting, I’m not quite sure what it is but I love the contrasting colours and how well they compliment each other! As a viewer, I wanted to click each painting to get a closer look but I couldn’t :c I think if Carissa made each image a button that would expand the photo and provide an artist’s statement it would definitely help me or another reader understand the inspiration behind the painting! 

Overall, I am definitely sold on following the Power of Painting, definitely going to stay updated with Carissa’s blog! I am excited to see her journey with art and the advice she has to offer! (Not gonna lie, I was visiting her website quite often for inspiration for my blog). 

Visit and follow her instagram @thepowerofpainting

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